• Artist Statement

    Artist Statement

    I have always collected random objects because I was drawn to them for one reason or another. Some of my collections include, comic books, cheap plastic toys, vintage wallpaper, old magazines, unique scraps of wood, sewing patterns, and porcelain figurines. Just to name a few. I am inspired by the history of these objects and their messages of modern urban life. Sex, power, escapism, violence, knowledge, and entertainment are temptations that confront us each day. This series of paintings and works on paper explore some of these issues. I address the temptations that face us, from our collective childhood to our overworked, overstressed, and over stimulated adult existence.

    I use found objects and images in the creative process allowing them to become meaningful because of their symbolic association. Although I seek to make my artwork approachable to the viewer it isn’t something that dictates my decisions in the process of making art. I don’t work with a preconceived idea or notion of content at the onset. As meaning is assigned to the images and interrelationships develop, content and direction eventually emerge as a byproduct of process. I'm interested in visual tension, whether through chance, the use of humor, odd relationships, or the reexamining, rehashing and reinterpretation of close encounters with life.